Why Us

How Stayscape’s personal approach offers first-class Cape Town
property management services

Why Choose Stayscape to Manage Your
Cape Town Property?

It’s Nice To Meet You.
Stayscape is a little different from the usual Cape Town holiday rental and property manager.

Firstly, we never forget that homes are made for people. Caring for your property as much as we care for those who stay in it underpins everything we do. That counts whether you rent your property for income, or keep the place exclusively for your own personal use.

Whatever your reason for owning a Cape Town home, you need to know its physical, legal and admin needs are managed when you are away. And when it is occupied, it should provide its best comforts to the people who live there.

This philosophy defines Stayscape. We’re a family-run business, and we run our business as a family. From our owners, Ross and Janine, to management and staff at every level, our business partners and service providers, Stayscape is about close personal relationships and first-class abilities that inspire loyalty from everyone.

"Stayscape’s management of our cottage has been excellent, and Ross’s frequent on-site presence has ensured that guests too are given an immaculate service.”
Jude Roberts
United Kingdom

Our clients are a little different too

Our clients prize personal relationships, and value that we know their requirements and tastes. Most of them live far away from Cape Town, or don’t visit their property regularly. They are internationally diverse, communicate in different ways, have their own preferences and definitions of what care looks like. Most of all, they want to know they are heard, understood, and dealt with honestly.

Chances are you are the same. You need the confidence that your property manager goes way beyond good intentions. That we possess the expertise and dedication to deal with any situation. The local expertise to navigate Cape Town’s sometimes eccentric and unpredictable nature. To know we invest in the resources that will deliver reliably, predictably, and on time. And that you can rest assured we have the capability and local knowledge to handle your every need, whatever the circumstances.

First and Foremost, it’s About Your Needs

Right from the start, we get to know exactly what you need from our talented and multi-skilled team – to facilitate the property management, host and concierge services that will precisely meet your requirements.

Of course, we use leading-edge technology to streamline admin, online bookings, marketing, and more. But we never delegate owner and guest care to systems and apps that can’t care about human beings.  

“What stands out is: The real good and frequent communication. How repairs and maintenance problems in and around the unit are dealt with. The manner in which the admin regarding repairs and maintenance are dealt with. VERY successful marketing strategies. Monthly on-time statements and payments.
Dawid Erasmus

Giving our best for your property, and your people

Cape Town is our home, and our passion. We are based here and know the area, it’s culture and communities, the hidden gems that make for memorable visits.
Most of all, we’re about knowing exactly what you want from your property manager, and doing the job properly for you, every day, no shortcuts, no excuses.
We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let us care for your Cape Town property

Tell us about your Cape Town property needs – we’d love to assist you.


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