Management of your second
home in Cape Town

Property and personal services for owners of second homes in Cape Town.

Expert Care of Your Private Home in Cape Town

How would it feel to have someone who really cares about your home in Cape Town looking after your property when you’re not there, and taking care of you when you visit?
When you don’t want your second home to be a full-time concern, Stayscape’s private and flexible home-management service is here to take charge of your property’s needs and ensure you get the very best of its comforts.
For clients around the world Stayscape provides a comprehensive home-care service that covers the care and upkeep of property, and provides what you need to make a stay enjoyable and worry-free.

Keeping Your Private Home Safe and Ready For You

Whether you visit your second home for a reason, a season, or just a break, we’ll make sure your property is kept safe and maintained while you are away – and ready whenever you return. The bespoke service we provide you will be based on your exact requirements and delivered within a simple, flexible agreement, that is typically more cost-effective than a full-time estate manager.

Through us you get access to reliable and expert tradespeople, services, and local knowledge and connections that save you time, money and stress, in a town we know better than anyone.
That also means we’ll keep a careful eye on maintenance, servicing and physical threats that can start small and worsen, like leaks, mould and infestations.
Your home will also be monitored for problems prevalent in South Africa, such as fire, flood, water outages and the knock-on effects of power cuts. Naturally, we’ll also monitor and attend to alarm notifications and liaise with security services.
While such tasks are difficult to manage from afar, everything is simplified with our routine inspection program, that safeguards your home with regular attention and checks.

Property Services

Routine Weekly Inspections and reports



24/7 access to proven professional tradespeople




Air-conditioner maintenance and repairs

Appliance and Home Warranty Issues

Package Retrieval and Courier Services


Gardening &



Owner Arrival Preparations and Concierge Services

Ready When You Are

Not only are we there to protect your property while you are away, we can also prepare your home in advance of your visits.
Our base offering covers your arrival and preparation:

Ready When You Are

Knowing their vacation home is in good hands brings great peace of mind to our clients. But they also appreciate that we can assist them when they arrive in Cape Town and for the duration of their stay.

We understand you won’t always know long in advance that you’ll be visiting, or what your exact ad-hoc needs may be for your stay. That’s why we remain in hand to support you before your arrival and after.

Personal Assistance Services

Meet vendors, service providers and media representatives

  • Servicing and valeting of cars and bikes
  • Maintenance and preparation of boats
  • Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
  • Engage specialists on your behalf (chefs, entertainers, caterers etc.) 
  • Screen and engage temporary and permanent staff
  • Set towels and toiletries for guests
  • Stock food items and chill beverages
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Appointment setting
  • Source local goods and services

Maintenance, Servicing and Renovations

Our maintenance teams operate every day of the week and at short notice, in case of an emergency. We’ll also be available so you are in contact with someone who knows your property inside out and can update and advise on any unexpected situation.

We can oversee all sizes of domestic construction projects, from installing a swimming pool to converting a bedroom, landscaping your garden or building stables. Whether you need to engage architects and building contractors, or simply need a trusted eye to monitor works, we’ll be on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly – from initial specification until you sign off.


A Flexible Approach

Your property management program will be customized to your property’s needs while you are away and your preferences whenever you come home to Cape Town. And our agreement will begin and end at a time to suit you and your specific needs.

Let us care for your Cape Town property

Why not tell us how you’d like your Cape Town residence to be looked after while you’re away, and what do you like while you’re here?


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